May 22, 2012

Why buy Turkish cotton?

Why buy Turkish cotton? 

Well one of the several reasons why is because Turkish Cotton has a long lasting texture and natural shine. Another reason is Turkish Cotton has long fibers: The fibers of Turkish cotton are naturally narrow in diameter and long, which means more threads can fit into the cloth per square inch. 

Turkish Cotton is extremely absorbent which makes it great for warm climates and even yoga and sports! Here is another example why so many people love Turkish Cotton. It is incredibly soft: Turkish Cotton is also known as it's softness without any process, and this can not be matched by other cottons without chemical processing.

Because of its natural durability the washing instructions are a breeze! Turkish Cotton is best when washed in warm water with like colors. It must be dried tumble dry with medium or low heat so the threads are kept in it's original condition for a long time. Machine washable, absorbent, soft and incredible shine with out allot of processing, you just can not beat that!

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