June 11, 2012

AtoZ Fall 2012 ~ Cotton Antique Group

Top: B-AF1 in the color Antique Breen
Scarf: BSF-A2 in colot Antique Breen
Skirt: ESK-A4 on the color Antique Iris

Top: B-AF28 in the color antique Biking Red
Jacket: EC-A2 in Antique Black

Top: BN-F28 in color Rose Dust
Jacket: EC-A2 in color Antique Tortoiseshell
Skirt: BSK-A8 in color Antique Rosin

Top: B-AF1 in color Antique Fig
Dress: ED-A4 in color Antique Tortoiseshell

Top: C-A2 in color Antique Biking Red
Jacket: EC-A3 in color Antique Iris

Top:  BN-F7 in color Rose Dust
Jacket: EJ-A6 in color antique Iris
Skirt:  BSK-A8 in color Antique Rosin

June 6, 2012

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One of our best sellers DD-121 from our Spring 2012 collection.